In the second decade since the emergence of Bitcoin, the digital asset marketplace is defined by the dizzying highs and lows experienced by a tiny percentage of the global population trading thousands of cryptocurrencies many of which are outright scams. Looking past the frauds, and observing the value of the credible digital application technologies emerging in the past ten years, if we are to progress and promulgate those technologies, then they must penetrate the mainstream. Legitimate digital currencies must be used in broad commerce. And the primary focus of digital assets proliferation must be to simplify and enrich user experience. The choices of which existing technologies to employ and which unavailable technologies to develop must be driven by comfort, certainty, and security of user
transactions and related experiences.


To address the prevailing market mandate, the VOLENTIX ecosystem introduces an initializing array of four digital applications, specifically known as VENUE, VERTO, VESPUCCI, and VDEX.


Venue is planned as a dynamic community platform that recruits and aligns members of the VOLENTIX community to facilitate distribution of the native VTX token, and to promote awareness of VOLENTIX community initiatives. An initial VENUE signature campaign is underway. Please visit for more information.


Verto will be a multi-currency wallet for use with the VDEX exchange, and intends to facilitate custody of private keys for use in peer-to-peer transactions. Both private and public keys will be locally managed, with the goal of eliminating the risks of devastating losses of stake associated with traumatic failures of central operators. Please read the VERTO primer by visiting


Vespucci is envisioned as an analytics engine accessible via a user-friendly interface with real-time treasure troves of market data, such as ratings and sentiment analysis. We wish to empower users with tools to graph and compare tradeable digital assets, to access and parse historical trading records, to plot trends and patterns, and to monitor and assess open-source software developments. VESPUCCI seeks to bring to your fingertips confident and comprehensive market-relevant data by aggregating the information currently scattered throughout many different blockchains, websites, chat rooms, and exchanges. This application is currently in development by our affiliate Pythagoras Systems.

The fourth pillar of VOLENTIX is the decentralized VDEX exchange, a tradable digital assets platform introduced in detail in our white paper available to view at


VDEX is being designed as a distributed, decentralized digital- currencies exchange with emphasis on privacy user experience and community development and governance. By accessing established technologies and planning selective new protocols with priority on security, speed, authentication, ease of use, scalability, and multi-asset support, VDEX intends to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions by assembling a portfolio of decentralized applications built on EOS.IO smart contracts.

For smooth and secure usability, we plan VDEX to integrate with your own personal VERTO wallet and VESPUCCI user interface. Although we expect VERTO and VDEX ultimately to be able to manage transactions involving the vast array of digital assets and blockchains extant from time to time, we are developing VENUE as a complementary adjunct primarily in order to incentivize and drive native VTX-based transactions.


To facilitate access to and use of the four pillars of the VOLENTIX ecosystem, we plan to issue the native utility token VTX. An initial VENUE signature campaign is underway, and we are evaluating pre-sale opportunities as well as potential terms and conditions in the event a crowdsale is authorized.

As currently conceived, an eosio.token contract from the EOS.IO framework would facilitate the issuance of 2.1 billion EOS.IO-compliant VTX tokens with a circulating supply of 1.3 billion. As a utility token, VTX envisions a diverse array of uses. For additional information, please refer to our VDEX white paper at


In contemplating technological design, we have evaluated various existing (and emerging) operating systems. EOS.IO software stands out as exemplary. EOS.IO is an open-source, scalable infrastructure for decentralized applications. We can benefit from standard features offered by EOS.IO such as the creation of accounts and wallets, and we also plan to implement protocols for creation of the decentralized VDEX exchange through EOS contracts and other tools.

We aim to make VTX and the four pillars of VOLENTIX — VENUE, VERTO, VESPUCCI, and VDEX — easily accessible to and usable by all those who wish to join our community. We plan a user interface that makes available to you relevant market data as well as your account information. We expect the experience to be enhanced by continuing education, with templates and simulators to support a superior UX/UI relationship.


Our guiding philosophy is one of decentralization, and our ongoing efforts are targeted to promoting a reduction in dependence on central authority. The tremendous benefit of the open-source code philosophy
is that every day there are announcements of fresh code developments impacting on convenient and safe trading and use of digital assets. Our premise is security and ease of operation. Prudence mandates education. The most important asset is knowledge.

All of us at VOLENTIX are dedicating sizable quantities of work and insights to developing a program premised on empowerment and independence. Please monitor our website and social media for updates and other important announcements. Thank you very much for your attention and interest.

Volentix Labs


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In view of confusion in the current regulatory environment, Volentix mdoes not anticipate soliciting or accepting purchases by United States persons. We anticipate vetting users by requiring rigorous identity verification for purposes of KYC/AML predicates.

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